nVision Payroll is designed specifically to deal with the special payroll processing needs of school districts and municipalities. It provides all the necessary tools to help you manage the complex payroll needs that include varying pay cycles, deductions, retirement calculations, and exceptions that arise each cycle. Payroll is fully automated and reduces the amount of time it takes to process payrolls.

nVision Payroll optimizes the processes around your employees’ payroll so you can easily manage, track and analyze all your payroll functions. Payroll is a feature rich solution that calculates many different payroll fundamentals such as lump sum payouts, retroactive pay, rate changes, tax updates, compensation and salary deduction adjustments. Seamless integration with nVision and Timepiece creates higher productivity and efficiencies.


Increased Efficiency

•  Catalogs all relevant employee data into an employee database which allows users to maintain historical
    data and eliminates the need to manually research employee payroll information
•  Generates a full set of payroll reports, including contract and earnings lists, check registers and account
    code distributions, as well as the period State Retirement System reports
•  Allows unlimited pre- and post-tax deductions, multiple checks on one payroll, flexible direct deposit
    options and payroll encumbrance capability

Streamlines Payroll Process

•  Maintains employee demographic information, payroll history and personnel information on-line for review
•  Allows for multiple account coding, including multiple funds
•  Accommodates weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, annual, special distributions and lump-sum
    year-end payrolls, including multiple pay rates for each employee
•  Provides an interface to Accounting by summarizing the payroll expense distribution
•  Calculates federal, state, city and miscellaneous withholding taxes from standard tax tables, flat amounts or
    additional amounts and percentages
•  Enables user to view an on-screen display of any prior payroll check in detail
•  Produces the Form 941 worksheet attachments and New York State 45ATT Quarterly attachments
•  Produces requisite Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) reports
•  Handles multiple appointments in multiple retirement systems
•  Automatically creates “pennies adjustments” for year-end payrolls
•  Produces year-end multi-payment or lump-sum checks for any earning and deduction combination
•  Provides utility to accelerate input of hourly and substitute payroll at departmental level